package crowd

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Type Members

  1. class AsyncCrowdResult[O] extends Awaitable[RDD[(String, O)]]

    An asynchronous result object that returns tuples as they are processed.

  2. case class CrowdConfiguration(crowdName: String = "internal", responseServerPort: Int = 8082, responseServerHost: String = "", crowdServerPort: Int = 8000, crowdServerHost: String = "") extends Product with Serializable

    Options for setting up communication with the crowd.

  3. case class CrowdResult[T <: CrowdResultItem](group_id: String, answers: List[T]) extends Product with Serializable

    A batch of results from the crowd.

  4. case class CrowdResultDouble(identifier: String, value: Double) extends CrowdResultItem with Product with Serializable

    A crowd result containing a double

  5. abstract class CrowdResultItem extends AnyRef

    An abstract individual result from the crowd.

  6. class CrowdTask[C <: PointLabelingContext, G <: GroupLabelingContext, O] extends Serializable

    A task that uses the crowd to process data.

  7. case class CrowdTaskConfiguration(maxPointsPerTask: Int = 5, votesPerPoint: Int = 1, crowdTaskOptions: Map[String, Any] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

    Crowd task configuration.

  8. class DeduplicationTask extends CrowdTask[DeduplicationPointLabelingContext, DeduplicationGroupLabelingContext, Double]

  9. class SentimentTask extends CrowdTask[SentimentPointLabelingContext, SentimentGroupLabelingContext, Double]

Value Members

  1. object CrowdDemo

  2. object CrowdHTTPServer

    A webserver that requests data from the crowd and waits for results asynchronously

  3. package context